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The fastest and most reliable earnings in the Internet today


The P2P4X project is based on a mathematical allocation algorithm based on a multi-level network of partners.

The advanced marketing of the P2P4X project is based on matrix tables that have their unique ability to effectively generate revenue from the affiliate program.



Opening the matrix

  • Registration
  • Payment
    to the project development fund
  • Matrix

Invitation of partners

  • Learning
  • Team
  • Opening
    the next matrix

Entering a new level of life

  • Increase
    in income
  • Meeting interesting people
  • Financial independence


To start earning with P2P4X, all you need to do is sign up on the website and pay a project development fund fee. The subscription fee is $10 for 90 days or $30 for 365 days.

After that, you can open one or more matrices and start earning from an affiliate program. In total, there are 7 matrices for $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500, and $5000. There are seven slots in each matrix, one of which is occupied by you.

By opening all 7 levels of matrices for $9400 you can earn $37600

In the beginning, you will have only one matrix for $50 available, but right after opening it you will have an opportunity to open the next one, and so on. For example, you decided to go in for $1,000, first you need to buy a matrix for $50, then for $100, then for $250, and after that for $500. Thus, you will have 4 active matrices with a total value of $900.

You can't open just one matrix for $1,000.


The matrix is filled from top to bottom, from left to right. All transfers between affiliates are P2P, i.e. directly from affiliate to affiliate across one level.


Personal Invitations

  • You invite 6 affiliates - P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, and P6 - via your affiliate link, and they fill your matrix as shown in the picture.
  • Once a matrix is filled out, you can reopen it and invite new affiliates in the newly opened matrix. In this case, if your affiliates, who were in the previous matrix, close their matrices and open new ones, they get the first unoccupied slot in your newly opened matrix.
  • The more personally invited affiliates you have, the faster you will close matrices and the more money you will make.
Affiliates of Affiliates
  • You invite 2 affiliates - P1 and P2. Each of them also invites 2 affiliates - P1 invites P3 and P4, P2 invites P5 and P6. (as shown in the picture)
  • If you encourage each affiliate on your team to invite at least two active affiliates, and the team duplicates this in depth, you can earn manifold returns on matrices with only two personally invited affiliates.

Overflows From A Superior Sponsor

  • An affiliate, who is one level above you in the matrix (it can be your superior sponsor, one of their personally invited affiliates, or an affiliate who overflowed to the sponsor) invites P1 and P2 into your matrix (they will take slots P3 and P4 in this person's matrix) and these 2 affiliates also invite 2 affiliates each - P1 invited P3 and P4, P2 invited P5 and P6. Thus, even if you did not invite anyone, you can fill all the slots in the matrix.
  • You can also get overflow affiliates who sign up via a direct link without an affiliate code if your account is the most inactive in the system (determined by the date of matrix payment or by the date of inviting the last affiliate via your affiliate link).

Going to the next level of the matrix

  • Once the matrix is filled out, and you get 4 transfers to your wallet, it is closed.
  • Closing the matrix for $50, you get $200, for $100 - $400, for $250 - $1,000, for $500 - $2,000, for $1,000 - $4,000, for $2,500 - $10,000, and for $5,000 - $20,000.
  • If you wish, you can reopen the matrix and continue making money, in this case you will get to the first unoccupied slot in the sponsor’s matrix again. All your personally invited affiliates will also get to your new matrix when they open new matrices.


How Can I Pay For A Slot In A Matrix?

Payment is made in cryptocurrency. You’re going to need TRC20 based USDT. First, you pay project development and maintenance fund fee - 10 USDT for 3 months or 30 USDT for 12 months. After that, you can pay for one or more matrices. After you pay for the first 50 USDT matrix, you can pay for the next 100 USDT matrix and so on. Please note that when transferring funds, it is important to consider a transaction fee of no more than 1 USDT.

How Can I Purchase USDT?

USDT is a cryptocurrency. First, you will need to open a cryptocurrency wallet that supports TRC20 based USDT or register an account with one of the cryptocurrency exchanges. Then, you can purchase USDT on one of the exchanges or using a broker for further transfers.

Why is the sending amount 10.001234 and not 10 USDT?

In P2P4X all payments are automated, so the system assigns you an identifier for your payment and can recognize that this particular transaction was made by you. Never change your subscription/matrix payment amount, otherwise the transfer will not be accepted and the amount will be lost. Be careful when making the transfer.

What wallet should I use for payment?

Exchange wallets should not be used, otherwise your payment will not be accepted, as intra-exchange transfers do not go through blockchain. Use online wallets such as Exodus, Trust wallet, Tron Link.

Can I Use One USDT Wallet For Multiple Accounts?

Yes, you can use one wallet for multiple accounts.

How Do transfers Interact?

All transfers are P2P, that is, peer-to-peer. You do not top up the balance of your online account, do not store funds, and do not transfer them to the project, except for the service fee. All transfers are made through an automated system. The system gives you details to transfer funds to another affiliate according to the arrangement of slots in the matrix.

How Are Matrices Filled Out?

The slots in a matrix are filled from top to bottom from left to right into the empty slots. Example: You invited P1 and P2. Then you invited P3, they get in the free bottom left slot under P1. P4 gets the free slot to the right of P3, and so on.

How Many Affiliates Do I Need To Invite?

There are no requirements when it comes to invitations to the project, however it is recommended to invite at least two active affiliates. The maximum number of personally invited affiliates is unlimited.

What Happens If I Fail To Invite Anyone?

You can count on overflows from an affiliate, who is located in a matrix above you and actively invites their affiliates. You also can earn with the help of these overflows. However, if this affiliate fails to invite anybody or invites two affiliates, who overflow to you, i.e. get slots P1 and P2 and fail to invite anybody, then slots P3, P4, P5, and P6 in your matrix will not be filled, and, consequently, you will not earn until you invite your affiliates for these slots. Also, if you have not been active for a long time, you might get an affiliate who registers on the website without an affiliate link and help you make money.

What Are Overflows And How Do They Work?

Overflows are affiliates placed to you by your sponsor or their affiliates. For example, your sponsor put you P1 and P2, and they put you P3, P4, P5, and P6. You get 4 transfers without inviting any people.

What Happens Once A Matrix Is Closed?

Once a matrix is closed, you can open a new matrix and continue earning in the project, or, having received 4 transfers, quit the project.

What Slot Will I Get In A New Matrix?

You always come after your sponsor, the system puts you in the first empty slot in their matrix from top to bottom, from left to right. In the same way, your affiliates will always be placed in the first free slot in your open matrix.

What Happens If My Personally Invited Affiliate P1 Closes A Matrix Before Me?

If your affiliate P1 closes a matrix before you and reopens it, they will get to slots P2, P5, or P6 in your matrix.

Does It Matter Who Came First In Matrix Marketing?

It doesn't matter who came first. All that matters is how active you are, and that's what determines how much you earn. You can earn more than your sponsor even if you joined the project a few months after its launch.